Nexstar Deploys Spotloader on All Hubs

August 2022 — Nexstar has expanded the use of Spotloader across all hubs, serving 180+ television stations.

Welcome Scripps Television Stations!

July 2022 — E. W. Scripps has deployed Spotloader™ to manage local advertising across 40 markets.

New Modules and Features for Digital TV

March 2022 — Spotloader™ now offers new features and modules to validate and dsitribute digital ads.

Customizable Integration Attracts New Clients

Undated — PitchBlue™ and Pathfire™ distribute thousands of hours of long-form programming stations all over the country. Now it's possible to automate your ingest workflow and integrate with your program management solution.
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PDF: Modular Workflow Solutions for Content Distribution and Ingest

Help Section

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