About Floripa Integration

For years, media and companies have grappled with disparate systems that lack seamless communication, fail to share vital information, and lack robust data verification. Floripa Integration emerged to bridge these gaps, providing innovative solutions that streamline processes and reduce errors. Today, our products and services are trusted by hundreds of broadcasters nationwide to enahance their daily media operations.

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Floripa completes integration with WideOrbit EMI

March 2023 — Integration enables agencies and advertisers to submit electronically traffic instructions directly to broadcasters.

Nexstar Deploys Spotloader on All Hubs

August 2022 — Nexstar has expanded the use of Spotloader across all hubs, serving 180+ television stations.

Welcome Scripps Television Stations!

July 2022 — E. W. Scripps has deployed Spotloader™ to manage local advertising across 40 markets.

New Modules and Features for Digital TV

March 2022 — Spotloader™ now offers new features and modules to validate and distribute digital ads.