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Bring information and departments together with PrepXpress

Link your programming and automation systems with PrepXpress for unparalleled productivity, communication and accuracy. PrepXpress eliminates silos of data to provide one central source of programming data for multiple departments to share.

PrepXpress is a browser-based extension of StorerTV's SIMS program management software. With PrepXpress, the Programming Department's SIMS schedule flows seamlessly into Automation and links to Master Control's acquisition schedule and to-do list. The application synchronizes Programming, Traffic and Master Control schedules. It also makes each program's recording and prepping status accessible to everyone in real time.

Further, every program is prepped correctly. The application monitors the automation database and play-out servers, checks that each program is accurately prepped and generates alerts when inconsistencies are identified.

Other significant advantages include the ability to:

  • Accept schedules from multiple SIMS sources (ideal for centralized or hubbed operations).
  • Automatically match delivered content to SIMS schedules.
  • Verify that satellite feeds are properly scheduled.
  • Automatically ingest content from delivery servers.
  • Cross-reference future schedule data for an air-safe purge list.
  • Automatically prep shows delivered through Pathfire® or CBS/Ascent Media/Warner Bros. Pitch Blue™.
  • Enable live communication across departments.
  • Track each user's actions for improved accountability.

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How it works

  • Schedule on SIMS

    Manage all your schedules on one or multiple SIMS installations.

  • Share your data

    Program lists and schedules are shared between SIMS and PrepXpress using the new Broadcast eXchange Format (BXF) standard.

  • Manage media aquisition from all sources

    User-defined rules turn your program schedule into an acquisition schedule and to-do list for satellite, file-based, or tape deliveries. All content is checked against required formats for total duration and number of segments.

  • Automatically ingest file-based deliveries

    PrepXpress can automatically ingest media from delivery systems such as Pathfire® and PitchBlue™ through user-defined rules.

  • Purge your content safely

    PrepXpress generates air-safe purge lists by cross-referencing your program schedule, ensuring that programs are not deleted prior to their scheduled air time.


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