Floripa Integration - Workflow solutions for television and cable broadcasters

Floripa Integration offers innovative solutions that solve many of the challenges in broadcasting operations. Its suite of products allows different departments and facilities to share critical data and to quickly set action items in motion. Floripa's comprehensive long and short-form automatic and semi-automatic ingest solutions drive your content from scheduling to ingest to prepping to purging, adding much needed efficiency, reliability, and accountability to file-based workflows.


  • DubCentral

    Our short-form ingest solution for commercials and promos.

  • PrepXpress

    A robust manager of long-form acquisition and purging. Built in collaboration with StorerTV, the leader in television program management.

  • PromoBox HD

    Distribute, ingest, and track your promos from production to broadcast.

  • Proxy Server Browser

    All your video assets in one location, only one click away.


NAB Show

Where to find us at NAB:

Observer's Reconciliation Module (Volicon booth)

PrepXpress (StorerTV booth)


PitchBlue™ Shows, Promos, and Movies

Customizable Integration Attracts New Clients

It seems certain PitchBlue™ is here to stay as more distributors have joined in to provide stations with shows, promos, and movies.
Contact us today to find out how your station or hub can also benefit from our flexible, customizable solutions.

PDF: Modular Workflow Solutions for Content Distribution and Ingest