Products: DubCentral

DubCentral is a web-based, multi-channel ingest solution that seamlessly integrates dozens of systems and services. DubCentral manages catch severs, imports traffic and promo dublists, and communicates directly with leading transcoding services.

DubCentral cal also be used to manage promo production including house number rotations. When coupled with Floripa's PromoBox, each promo's version is compared against the automation system to ensure that old material does not remain in play-out servers.

Some key features include:

  • Centralized search of all catch servers and play-out servers
  • Immediate access to thumbnails and low-resolution video proxies
  • Automatic ingest of content using traffic dulists
  • Web-based prepping using low-resolution proxies
  • Easy-to-use automatic ingest interface
  • Delivery-to-ingest-to-purge, tape, satellite, and file-based workflow
  • Accountability: "who, where, and when"
  • Traffic and promo dublist integration
  • Direct integration with leading automation, traffic, and video transcoding systems
  • Active directory support
  • Secure SSL web server
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server with built-in firewall

Promo management features:

  • Management of all promo material meta data including dub and purge dates
  • Integration with Floripa's PromoBox
  • Version and file date verification to avoid airing old material
  • Generation of daily dub and purge lists for master control


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Master control operators can view, prep and initiate the ingest process through dublists or directly through a centralized catch server browser.


Supported systems **

Commercial delivery systems

  • Centaur Exchange HD/SD Native™
  • DG FastChannel® SpotBox HD Xtreme™
  • Level 3SM Vyvx®
  • On The Spot Media EZSpot©
  • Extreme Reach
  • Javelin
  • Hula Media Exchange™
  • Others *

News/syndication delivery systems

  • Pathfire™ Digital Media Gateway™
  • Warner Bros./Ascent Media/CBS - Pitch Blue™ *

Play-to-air servers

  • Pinnacle Systems® MediaStream
  • Grass Valley K2, Profile XP, PDR Series
  • Harris® Nexio™
  • Omneon Spectrum™
  • SeaChange® BMS, BMC
  • Others *

Video transcoding systems

  • Telestream FlipFactory®
  • Rhozet™ Carbon Coder™
  • Anystream Agility®

Automation systems

  • Harris® ADC™
  • Avid Sundance Digital®
  • Crispin®
  • Florical®
  • Omnibus®
  • Others *

Traffic systems

  • Wide Orbit WO Traffic
  • Harris® OSi-Traffic™, Bias, Columbine, BMS
  • VCI Solutions Orion®
  • Others *

* NOTE: Contact Floripa Integration for details.
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