Products: Fig™ Distribution and Captioning Services

Fig™ expertly oversees the intricate workflow of receiving, organizing, validating, and seamlessly delivering media files to both TV broadcasters and new media channels. Complemented by swift integrated closed captioning and standardized conversion solutions, Fig™ is upheld by a team of knowledgeable professionals committed to exceptional customer service.


Key features and benefits:

  • Turnkey, web-based solution for seamless operations.
  • Friendly user interface quickly mastered by broadcasters, agencies, and production facilities alike.
  • Comprehensive media validation upon upload (checking over 30 parameters like file formats, audio levels, and closed captions)..
  • Upload in one format, distribute in as many as necessary.
  • Redundant cloud storage.
  • Review and approval workflows, including proxy videos and thumbnails.
  • Proof of delivery with actual delivery times.
  • Open API facilitating integrations with diverse systems.
  • Easily share content (such as promos) across facilities.
  • Enhanced security:
    • SSL-encrypted transactions for secure data transfer.
    • MD5 checksum validation during each file transfer.
    • Permission-based access across accounts and departments.


Additional features:

  • Integrating closed captioning services.
  • Affordable standards conversion for international distribution (NTSC to PAL).
  • Coming soon: traffic instructions management.



"The Fig platform allows us to easily caption and distribute our TV programming affordably. Its also done quickly and usually within 24 hours. Support is quick to help with any file issues we encounter and even helped us send PAL format to New Zealand networks."
— Jared, Mass TV Media

"Lighthouse Media and our ministry clients value the relationship we have with Fig. Their willingness to adapt the technology to meet the unique needs of the end user is a difference maker. The customer service is top drawer."
— Kevin, Lighthouse Media

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Integrated Workflows

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  • Telestream Vantage®
  • Harmonics ProMedia Carbon® (Carbon Coder)
  • WideOrbit® Traffic
  • WideOrbit® Programmatic
  • OSi® Traffic
  • Custom promo production and distribution systems